4 Halloween Safety Tips for Our Elderly Americans

Halloween is just around the corner and it is certainly a fun time for kids, families and even our older Americans.  There is always something special about Halloween night when everyone enjoys getting in on all of the fun.  Nobody wants to miss out on seeing the frightening costumes that children are wearing from skeletons, to witches to Frankenstein, but seniors need to be vigilant and smart during the evening.

Senior citizens are very susceptible to falls and with trick or treaters coming into their homes in the dark of the night and it is easy for older Americans to trip and fall.  According to a recent report by CBS News, head injuries and concussions from falls are rising at unprecedented rates among elderly.  This Halloween, American Senior Alliance would like to encourage our seniors to please take extra precaution during the evening.  We know that the goons and goblins are plenty to worry about, but our tips are fairly simple and straight forward that should keep our seniors injury free during the festivities.

  • Light up your house and porch-  If you want to give out candy, make sure your home is well lit to ensure you and those trick or treating are safe. For our elderly citizens, it makes more sense to only give out candy during the day light hours, especially if you are living alone.  It can be a risky time once darkness sets in for seniors, so to prevent unwanted guests, turn off your lights on your porch and front yard.

  • Keep your porch and home free of Halloween clutter- To prevent falls, it is wise to have your front door area free of rugs and clutter to prevent falls.  When it is unusually dark, it is easy to trip over an object or slip on a rug.  A little extra care to have open areas clear of cumbersome Halloween decorations will go a long way in preventing falls or accidents.

  • Avoid decorations on your windows- You want to keep visibility at a premium, so keep decorations off of your windows. Putting decorations on windows could obstruct your view outside or prevent lighting from illuminating your front porch.

  • Always use safe tools when carving pumpkins- Seniors need to be extra careful when carving pumpkins. There are plenty emergency room visits every year from knife wounds during fun filled carving sessions, so please be extra careful and always use safe tools.  According to Consumer Reports, there are 4 to 5 times as many hand injuries during Halloween due to pumpkin carving.  Obviously, with a pumpkin being slippery and tough to carve, it makes carving a risky adventure. One other safety tip, we recommend using a flashlight instead of candles to brighten your pumpkin to prevent possible fires.

In addition to these tips, seniors interested in giving out candy can breath a little easier knowing there is not an additional spike in crime during Halloween.  According to an article in the Christian Post, Sgt. Greg Lyon, with the Atlanta Police Department said he patrolled the streets for 11 years during the Halloween evening hours and doubted there was any spike in crime during that time.


By taking a few extra precautions this Halloween, kids, families and elders should have a safe, thrilling and fun filled evening to remember.


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