5 Tips to Staying Young

Healthy living is important for people of all ages, but 94 year old Ella Kelley seems to have the perfect recipe for living a long life. Ms. Kelley says the secret to having an extended life is staying active.  After visiting with her for a few minutes, realized rather quickly she is truly a special lady and has the passion and energy of any 40 year old.

Ms Kelley says it is crucial to stay active and recommends these 5 tips for others to follow to remain healthy:

ms-kelleyExercising and Staying Active - This is quite important for all lifestyles, but almost everyone would have a hard time matching Ms. Kelley's schedule.  Even at 94 years young, she continues to work in the yard everyday.  She cuts the grass, pulls weeds, rakes leaves and operates an electric weed eater and edger.  She takes tremendous pride having a well kept lawn and enjoys putting in several hours of yard work daily even when the temperatures hover over 90 degrees.

Interestingly, Ms. Kelley saves some of her energy to maintain her roses and tomato plants.  She has been growing roses and tomatoes for over 85 years, definitely giving her the experience to grow the prettiest roses you will ever see.  

Eating Healthy If you ask Ms. Kelley about her diet, she just chuckles and says she loves to eat.  Obviously, she is working off so many calories while working in her yard that allows her to eat most anything while remaining fit. She recommends eating plenty of chicken, vegetables, and fruit. 

Going to Church and Having Strong Faith Ms. Kelley loves going to church.  The highlight of her week is attending church and being with friends every Sunday.  Attending church with friends and participating in activities brings so much joy to her week.  

Reading One of the tips that keeps Ms. Kelley mentally strong is her discipline to read. She winds down every evening by reading her Bible, books and magazines.  She accepts the challenge to keep her mind sharp by doing crossword puzzles too.

According to a report by CBS News, senior citizens who are engaged in card games, crossword puzzles and having lunch with friends helped maintain their cognitive functions better than those who struggle with interacting with others.  

Simply doing crossword puzzles can have major benefits. However, getting out of the house and going to the local senior center or the library are also beneficial to healthy living.

Baking Cakes and Pies Most women enjoy cooking, but Ms. Kelley lights up when talking about baking for family and friends.  Her favorites are Red Velvet cake, German Chocolate cakes and Pecan Pies.  Baking has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety.

The Mayo Clinic recommends if you are planning to change your lifestyle or exercise plan, it is always a good idea to visit with your physician first prior to starting a new exercise program.


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