The ongoing budget crisis in Alabama has placed our children and our seniors in danger.



Our legislature must ACT NOW so that Alabama is able to provide critical – life saving services for our most vulnerable citizens.

There is already bi-partisan support for a lottery in Alabama and the people overwhelmingly want to vote on this issue. A statewide lottery would bring nearly 300 million dollars per year into the General Fund and will provide a stable form of revenue.

On July 20, 2016, the Georgia Lottery Commission wrote a check for 1 billion dollars to the state of Georgia. Millions of those Georgia lottery tickets are bought by Alabama residents

It’s time our money stayed home and helped our people.

We are asking legislators for nothing more than to allow the people to decide whether they want a state lottery. We are asking our legislature to ACT NOW and LET US VOTE.

There is no more time to wait. We’ve kicked the can down the road until we have reached a dead end. Our legislators should not return home until they find a solution.

The problems are complex but the answer in this case is simple. ACT NOW to pass the legislation placing a statewide lottery on the November ballot. Then, simply LET US VOTE.

Contact your legislator today!


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