Alabama seniors devastated after senior center destroyed by a tornado

As Wetumpka residents continue to rebuild after Saturday’s Tornado, there are many structures that are permanently damaged, some completely flattened.  

The Fane Senior Center was one of the buildings completely destroyed, and now dozens of seniors are asking where they will go for hot meals.

Thursday morning, several seniors that frequent the Fane Center drove by to see what is left of the building for the first time.

“There are a lot of us old people that are going to be really devastated” said Sue Moody “we had it fixed up so well “.  Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm it was a home away from home for about 30 seniors to exercise, enjoy activities and eat a hot meal for free.

The center also delivered hot meals to local seniors that aren’t able to leave their homes freely.  But it’s more than just the food that attracts seniors, Moody said  “we came just so we could talk to each other, when you get older you want companionship”.

The good news–there is now some hope for seniors that used to frequent the Fane Senior Center.  Cedar Wood Community Church has volunteered to open its doors to them, until they can figure out what’s next for the wreckage.

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