Americans are losing millions of dollars to Social Security scams

The Department of Justice is filing for temporary restraining orders against U.S. telecom carriers allegedly facilitating hundreds of millions of scam robocalls. Americans are losing millions of dollars a year because of the calls, which usually originate in India.

The most common scam is Social Security fraud, according to the Senate, which will hold a hearing Wednesday on the topic. In the past three months, the Social Security Administration said they've gotten more than 115,000 complaints about the scam.

Machel Andersen and her husband Kyle, a Utah state representative, became the victims of one of those scams, losing $150,000. They know many people won't be able to believe this could happen to them, but said they hope their experience could help others avoid being scammed.

"It truly is embarrassing. I'm embarrassed, really embarrassed," Machel said. 

The scam started in December when Machel said she got calls claiming her Social Security number had been compromised and had been "used to set up multiple bank accounts associated with a drug cartel."

She said a man claiming to be a DEA investigator then said her family was in danger.

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