AmSA Executive Director, Conwell Hooper Testifies Again Against Proposal 88

Today, Conwell Hooper, Executive Director of American Senior Alliance, testified before the Constitution Revision Commission Declaration of Rights Committee to reiterate how Proposal 88 outlines more ways to sue nursing homes rather than ensure residents have access to the care and services they need. 




“This proposal is about lawsuits, plain and simple, and lawsuits will drive up costs for residents and their families – both today and into the future. I’m disappointed with the Committee’s vote to advance this proposal. I don’t believe a state constitution should be amended when it could put quality, affordable and dependable nursing home care at risk.

American Senior Alliance watches the progress of quality in nursing homes, because having a place to receive good care is important to seniors. Florida has a strong system of oversight, a record number of quality achievements. Florida needs nursing homes to continue providing quality care at a level that is among the nation's best. We don’t need more lawsuits.

We will continue advocating against this proposal to encourage the CRC to see this proposal for what it truly is – a mechanism to give trial attorneys more access to file lawsuits."


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