Major Fight Escalating Over Medicare's Payment Plan for Cancer Drugs

A brand new Medicare pilot proposal that tests ways physicians pay for chemotherapy, and other drugs has sparked outrage among cancer doctors who are demanding the Obama Administration reconsider or scrap the plan.

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“File and Suspend” Strategy is Soon to Expire

If you’re married and have reached full retirement age, now may be the time to file for Social Security benefits. As of April 30 a popular filing strategy for married couples will be going away. The “file and suspend” strategy was a loophole that allowed married couples to claim more Social Security benefits over their lifetimes. 

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The ABC’s of Prescription Drug Buying - Always Be Careful!

As a consumer, you have a lot of choice when it comes to obtaining prescription drugs. But all prescription drug users, especially seniors, should be aware of the dangers that exist out there.

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Social Security: Where the Candidates Stand

The recent Presidential debates between the candidates have been pretty heated at times. With accusations made and insults being tossed about, it sometimes can be hard to tell where the candidates real stand on the issue.

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