Celebrate Compassion, Community, and Caring During National Assisted Living Week

This week American Senior Alliance would like to recognize National Assisted Living Week, and honor the many providers, caregivers and volunteers who give their heart and soul to provide quality care to our older Americans. 

Many of us have only heard about assisted living communities and have never had the pleasure of visiting one.  We hope you will join in and celebrate the compassion and care being provided.

It would be an incredible experience to visit an assisted living community to witness firsthand the care, programs, and activities taking place.  I remember visiting several communities for the first time when my mother was considering an assisted living community for the first time.  To my surprise, I walked into a room and watched 16 residents playing corn-hole.  Do you think it is a competitive game when several college students are playing at a tailgate party before a football game?  You ought to see 16 seniors, 75 plus competing.  There was more whooping and hollering than I've witnessed during some ball games. 

During your visit, you may not encounter the fun game of corn-hole, although chances are pretty good that you will experience most of these 7 things that most communities provide:

  • Caregivers assisting residents with medications, bathing, feeding, and dressing
  • Social activities
  • Transportation to in-town events
  • Programs to stimulate the brain
  • Nutritious meals
  • Safe environment
  • Access to physician assistance

While doing my research, I found that social connections and programs are very helpful to stimulate the brain.  When my mom turned 87, I noticed her brain starting to slip and deteriorate, so I thought having more social connections would help immensely.  I couldn't have been more accurate with my assessment.  Since her enrollment 12 months ago,  I have seen firsthand my mom and her brain thriving.  Something about relationships and engagements enable older adults to thrive in this environment.  Instead of having older adults being isolated at home without much assistance, they can enjoy around-the clock care, medication oversight, and experience activities every day of the week. 

COVID-19 and the Delta variant have wreaked havoc on older Americans across the country!  With the extraordinary teamwork of all of those caring for our older adults, we are making remarkable progress in the long-term care arena.  Since this is National Assisted Living Week, the least we could do is to give them a major shout-out for their wonderful work.  

We owe it to those who have made sacrifices to help bring awareness to assisted living communities and honor the providers, caregivers, and volunteers who have made the lives of older Americans easier. AmSA would like to ask that you take time to tour one of the 29,000 assisted living communities across America.  If you have a family member or friend in a community, find a way to drop in and say hello.   We believe you will enjoy the moment and be glad that you did.


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