Experts expect President Biden to move forward on Social Security reform this year

Newly elected President Joe Biden has a tall list of priorities in his first days in office, with stemming the pandemic chief among them.

But experts expect one issue he promised to deal with during his campaign, Social Security reform, could also become a focal point as soon as this year.

Millions of Americans count on Social Security benefits to provide income when they are retired or disabled, or when loved ones pass away.

The program’s funds have been running low. The latest official estimate from the Social Security Administration shows that just 79% of promised benefits will be payable in 2035 due to depletion of its trust funds. That estimate does not factor in the effects of the pandemic, which experts say could move that date up even sooner.

Biden touted big changes to the program on the campaign trail.

Under his plan, eligible workers would get a guaranteed minimum benefit equal to at least 125% of the federal poverty level. People who have received benefits for at least 20 years would get a 5% bump. Widows and widowers would receive about 20% more per month.

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