Financial advisors discuss how inflation may affect your retirement

Reaching retirement with a nest egg that you trust will last is a stressful endeavor even in the best of times.

These days, those nearing the end of their careers also have to contend with historic inflation, stubborn market volatility and the remnants of the coronavirus pandemic.

We asked four of the financial advisors who made CNBC’s FA 100 list in 2022what they’re hearing from their older clients and how they’re responding.

“Many of the concerns today by near-retirees are like those of the past,” said Kyle W. Harlemert, a chartered financial analyst with Indianapolis-based Woodley Farra, which ranked No. 1 on CNBC’s FA 100 list. ”‘Will I outlive my retirement accounts? Will I be able to maintain my current lifestyle? If I die, will my spouse be ok?’”

A new concern, Harlemert said, is the impact rising interest rates are having on people’s pensions.

The value of a pension is based, in part, on current interest rates, he explained. Specifically, as rates rise, some people may see their pension value dip because the formula is assuming their money could pick up more interest in low to no-risk investments.

“Clients are saying, ‘Last year, I pulled up my account and my lump sum was $1 million; today it’s worth $977, 000. Why is it going down?’” Harlemert said. “People worry, ‘Do I need to retire now before it goes down further?’”

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