Florida seniors have more Medicare Advantage options than ever before, but they continue to experience frustrations with access to doctors & unexpected costs

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.Nov. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With the average senior able to shop among 24 Medicare Advantage plans in the current open enrollment period that closes on December 7, a recent survey commissioned by Devoted Health showed that seniors polled in Florida continue to experience frustrations with the plans they chose.

Frustration #1: Access to Doctors

Fifty percent of seniors polled said the most important factor they consider when choosing a plan is having their personal doctor in-network. For some, however, access caused frustration. "A booklet shows hundreds of doctors, but when you call to get a new doctor they no longer carry that insurance plan," lamented a respondent in Pinellas County. "Doctors are over 45 miles away," said a senior in Citrus County.

Frustration #2: Expected & Unexpected Costs

Thirty-one percent of those polled were afraid of surprise costs, with several seniors citing high co-pays as a frustration. "The antiquated medical system in the U.S. is rapidly ranging out of control and government funding (Medicare) will not follow suit," said a survey respondent from Sumter County.

Frustration #3: Changes to Their Plan

Among those polled, 27 percent were concerned that drastic changes could be made to their Medicare Advantage plan. A respondent in Palm Beach County said, "mid-year, my plan dropped contracts with local hospital and doctors." 

Devoted Health Florida Market President Dariel Quintana is not surprised by the survey findings and says the annual open enrollment period is a good time for seniors to assess their current plans and make changes, which may include switching to another insurance provider to get better access to the doctors they want and the benefits they need.

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