Florida Governor prioritizes long term care in his Freedom First Budget Proposal for fiscal year 2022-2023

Today, Governor Ron DeSantis released his Freedom First Budget proposal with recommendations for fiscal year 2022-2023.

The Freedom First Budget totals $99.7 billion, with total reserves exceeding $15 billion. The Freedom First Budget focuses on preserving freedom and prosperity for Floridians with record funding for education, environmental resources and law enforcement. The budget also protects freedom and liberty by once again rejecting mandates and lockdowns.

“In Florida, we have put Freedom First – protecting Floridians’ freedom to earn a living, to operate businesses and to choose educational options tailored for their children,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “As a result of our commitment to freedom, Florida’s economy continues to thrive and Floridians are better able to provide for their families. Today, I am proud to announce my budget proposals that will build on our foundation of freedom by investing in priorities that matter to our residents. This budget puts Floridians and their freedoms first, keeps taxes low, and addresses key priorities – all while maintaining record budget reserves.”

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