After a 14 hour workday the Georgia General Assembly adjourns their 2021 legislative session

If the 2021 legislative session felt longer than it should have, you were right. The state House and Senate each gaveled out Sine Die after midnight Thursday morning.

Lawmakers stayed in session for more than 14 hours on the last day of the 2021 legislative session, scrambling to pass what they must, kill what they could, and leave the rest to another day. Bills that failed to pass this year may be reconsidered in the 2022 legislative session.

For all of the frenzied action on the chambers’ floors and backrooms, the biggest news of the day was a move by Delta Airlines, away from the Capitol, slamming SB 202, the elections overhaul the General Assembly passed last week.

Over the weeks and months the legislation was being crafted, Delta and other Atlanta-based corporate titans, including Coca-Cola Company, issued mostly tepid statements about the legislation.

But on the final day of the session, with lawmakers still formulating their last bills, the airline bashed the new law as “unacceptable” and “based on a lie.”

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