Here's how to find the right Medicare drug plan during open enrollment

If you’re on Medicare, now is the time to make sure you don’t pay more for prescription drugs next year than necessary.

Even if you think you don’t need drug coverage or you’re content with the plan you have, evaluating your 2021 insurance options during Medicare’s fall open enrollment is worth it, experts say. While doing nothing is an option, it also could result in higher costs than you anticipated.

“We’re finding many circumstances where changing plans does benefit our policyholders,” said Danielle Roberts, co-founder of insurance firm Boomer Benefits. “But sometimes we find that someone is already in the best plan for them next year … and they can let their current plan auto-renew.”

The window to make changes to your Medicare coverage opened Oct. 15 and closes Dec. 7. During this time, beneficiaries with traditional, or basic, Medicare (Part A hospital coverage and Part B outpatient care) can add or switch standalone Part D prescription plans or enroll in an Advantage Plan (Part C). Individuals already with an Advantage Plan can switch to another or drop it and return to basic Medicare.

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