Is a hospital trying to discharge you before you're ready? Here's how to appeal to Medicare

One of the major benefits of Medicare is its coverage of hospitalization. However, if you are admitted to a hospital as a Medicare patient, the hospital may try to discharge you before you are ready.

While the hospital can't force you to leave, it can begin charging you for services. Therefore, it is important to know your rights and how to appeal. Even if you don't win your appeal, appealing can buy you crucial extra days of Medicare coverage.

If you are receiving care in a hospital setting and learn that your care is going to end because your provider believes Medicare will no longer pay for continued care, you have the right to a fast appeal to request continued care. You can file an appeal to challenge your provider’s decision to end your care if you think that they are wrong about whether Medicare will cover your services. If you are unable to appeal, a family member or other representative can appeal for you. If your appeal is unsuccessful at the first level, you can continue to appeal by following instructions on the denial notices you receive.

The notices you receive in a hospital setting provide information about how to appeal if you think your care is ending too soon.


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