Independence Day: A Celebration for All Ages

One thing is certain, Americans love to travel, eat and spend time with family on Independence Day.  A U.S. News AAA Independence Day forecast calls for 41.9 million Americans traveling at least 50 miles while consuming a whopping 150 million hotdogs over the holiday weekend. That recipe may call for your favorite antacid too.

Every year on July 4th, Americans of all ages enjoy taking part in one of the most celebrated holiday's of the year, Independence Day. From ball games, to lake parties to barbecues, families love spending time together observing our country's birthday.

There is something special about fireworks.  The mere beauty and excitement brings out the oohs and awes from young children to older Americans.  This day has a way of reminding us that we are all on the same team, one age, one gender and one race, all celebrating the United States of America.

Tomorrow the heat indices will hover around 100 degrees in many parts of the country, so make sure you stay cool, have plenty of sunscreen and have lots of water to drink.   Even if its just for a brief time, it does our elders good to get outside and enjoy the moment.

To prevent overheating on a hot afternoon, allow seniors to go inside where its cooler. 

Have a few games available for them inside or ask the to help with the cooking or decorating.  This will be the perfect time for them to help set the red, white and blue table cloth along with the decorative napkins.  By giving them responsibilities, it helps them feel accepted and appreciated.


If you are struggling to think of ways to celebrate, here are five ideas to make your 2018 Independence Day celebration a successful time for all.

  • Have a family cookout. Fire up the grill and encourage family members to bring their favorite dish.  Hamburgers, hotdogs, barbecue, ribs, cole slaw, corn, tomatoes and ice cream seem to make everyone happy.  To make it a festive atmosphere, set up music, board games, horseshoes and croquet so you have something fun for everyone to play.

  • Hold a costume contest. One event that is guaranteed to liven up a gathering is a costume contest. Encourage friends and family to come dressed in their favorite patriotic attire.  If you giveaway prizes for the most patriotic costume, you are sure to have the attendees enjoy the party.

  • Play bingo. No matter if you are young or old, everyone loves to play bingo.  To provide additional fun, give small prizes away to the winners.

  • Make a scavenger hunt. Your rules can include a few key items such as a miniature liberty bell, flags, or toy soldiers to hunt. This fun event allows the guest's to team up and work together.

  • Have a bowl full of goodies. Everyone enjoys trying to guess how many treats are in a jar.  You can fill it with red, white and blue candy and have a prize for the winner.

These social activities help our seniors stay mentally strong and vibrant. No matter where you decide to spend your Independence Day, keep the senior citizens in your life in mind during the celebrations so the whole family can enjoy taking part in the festivities.

If you are traveling, the National Safety Council projects 164 deaths on the roads this year, so please be extra cautious.  We want to ensure everyone from young children to our older adults are here in 2019 to celebrate one of the most enjoyable days of the year for our senior citizens.


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