Inspiring Excellence In Long Term Care

Since our inception, we have fought for older Americans to protect their hard-earned dollars while striving for quality in the products and services senior citizens encounter.

When we see shortcomings,  we work hard to fix them, even if it requires testifying in the legislative or regulatory arena.  At the same time, when we see positive developments, we think it is equally important to embrace them as well.  

We believe we must continue to push for quality care for our vulnerable seniors and commend those who strive for excellence.  We have testified on many occasions about the importance of quality care in our long term care communities and centers.  We are passionate about quality care and we think it is worth every mile we have traveled.  Our seniors deserve it!

Every year the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living recognize their long-term and post-acute care organizations who have gone over and above by providing quality outcomes with their National Quality Award Program.  To inspire excellence, the association mirrors the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, a nationally recognized method for improving the business. The program has three separate levels of quality awards, Bronze-Commitment to Quality, Silver- Achievement in Quality and Gold-Excellence in Quality.

In 1987, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act was created to recognize role model businesses and best practices in product and process quality, strategic planning, leadership, and quality improvement.  The reason this message is vital, by focusing on quality throughout an organization that provides care for our older adults, our vulnerable seniors become the beneficiaries. Senior citizens are the ultimate winners of this innovative program.

By promoting quality in the organizations that provide long term care for our seniors, it can only make providers more equipped to host environments that are safe, resident-centered, and efficient.  

Let's all pitch in to find a way to thank AHCA/NCAL and other organizations for putting quality care over profits.  The program they created to spotlight providers for demonstrating their commitment to delivering quality care for older adults, as well as persons with disabilities matters to residents and families.  In an age of rapidly changing health care, it is imperative to recognize those who have gone over and above for their dedication to improving the lives of residents through innovative initiatives.

When CEO Mark Parkinson commended the Silver National Quality Award winners in 2019, he said, "Despite the challenges we face as a profession, I continue to be astonished by the quality outcomes our members achieve."  Today is the last day to submit nominations for this prestigious award. 

Knowing what these health care heroes have had to endure throughout COVID-19, we can't wait to congratulate all of those who went way beyond the call of duty risking their lives to care for our seniors.  Thank you, Mr. Parkinson, for your relentless effort to provide extraordinary care and for challenging providers to continue making significant progress in quality improvement.


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