Enough scapegoating — long-term care workers need support to succeed

There is nothing more important to long-term care providers than ensuring every resident receives the quality care they deserve.

The battle against COVID-19 has demonstrated this time and again. Despite repeated calls for help being often ignored, providers have fought every day for the essential resources needed to protect our residents and staff.

In the face of incredible obstacles, long-term care staff stepped up to provide life-saving aid and become like family to our residents. Unfortunately, not only have our frontline heroes received no credit, we continue to be a convenient punching bag for many groups who have an inherent bias against our profession.

There is no question: When we make mistakes, we should be scrutinized. The care of our vulnerable residents is so important that we should be called out when we fall short. But now is the time to set aside unfounded criticism and for providers, policymakers and consumer organizations to work together to tackle the core issues, like the industry's labor crisis and chronic underfunding.  

Long-term care leaders have already taken proactive steps to be part of the solution. Earlier this year, the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and LeadingAge proposed the Care for Our Seniors Act, a comprehensive reform package that will help build a robust, quality long-term care system to prevent future crises and strengthen nursing home care.

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