New ranking places Louisiana near the bottom of the list for states to grow old in

When it comes to choosing a place to grow old in, you could do better than to stay in Louisiana. Still, the state, with its relatively low cost of living, is far from the worst to reside late in life.

That's according to a new state-by-state ranking from, an online source for reviews of senior living facilities and in-home care agencies. The website looked at the quality and cost of health care for seniors as well as quality of life factors, including how locals view their sense of purpose, social relationships and financial security.

Louisiana ranked 32nd in the nation, helped by its relatively low cost of care. The state ranked 2nd nationwide when looking at cost of care alone.

But Louisiana's quality of life ranking was among the worst in the country, coming in at 46th. That was barely ahead of states such as West Virginia (50th), Mississippi (49th) and Indiana (48th).



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