Louisiana proposal will not fix healthcare for seniors

As reported in a recent Advocate article, the Louisiana Nursing Home Association opposes House Bill 790. The Advocate depicted that this bill would provide greater access to home and community-based care services (HCBS). This is a misconception. The implementation of a managed-care program in Louisiana would have no effect on changing the utilization of long-term care services. An AARP report shows that Louisiana is an evenly-balanced state for elderly services under the Medicaid program, and DHH officials have acknowledged this on numerous occasions.


Health care organizations in other states report their managed-care programs having numerous problems that directly affect the delivery of services offered. Managed-care programs are operated by large national insurance companies that draw funds away from providing patient care to support their administrative costs. Currently, Louisiana is the fourth-lowest reimbursed nursing facility program in the nation. Serving a state that is ranked worst in the nation in health measures among its elderly leads to providing care to some of the nation’s sickest residents.



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