Lower Prescription Costs, End Copay Accumulators

Why are seniors and their family members being blindsided at Louisiana pharmacy counters? 

The answer is copay accumulators. Copay accumulators are relatively new tactics used by insurance companies to prevent manufacturer’s coupons from counting towards a patient's deductible or out-of-pocket maximum.  And today, all plans in Louisiana include a copay accumulator policy.  Louisiana lawmakers have an opportunity to put an end to these deceptive prescription practices and protect patients’ health by passing Senate Bill 94.

The American Senior Alliance opposes all unnecessary risks to patients’ health, such as copay accumulator policies. By prohibiting out-of-pocket costs to apply to a patient's deductible, it limits their ability to pay for necessary medical tests and screenings and often forces them to alter medication doses to make a month’s supply last longer.

The Patient Access Louisiana coalition is working on behalf of patients to call attention to and eliminate these practices that only benefit insurers and middlemen, like PBMs. We support SB 94 and appreciate the Louisiana legislators who have overwhelmingly supported this bill.


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