Medicare Open Enrollment is underway

It’s the time of year for people on Medicare to give their coverage a checkup.

The program’s annual enrollment period runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, which is when you can make changes to your coverage that will take effect Jan. 1. During this window, you can:

• Switch to an Advantage Plan from original Medicare (Part A hospital coverage and Part B outpatient care);

• Switch to original Medicare from an Advantage Plan;

• Move from one Advantage Plan to another;

• Move from one prescription drug plan (Part D) to another, or purchase one if you did not when first eligible.

Experts say that even if you’ve been happy with your 2019 coverage, both Advantage and prescription drug plans are modified from year to year — and new plans become available, as well — which means it’s important to evaluate whether your current option is still the best available for you.

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