Mickelson beats Father Time and rest of PGA Championship fieldMickelson beats Father Time and rest of PGA Championship field

If we dare believe the signs and allow hope back into our vernacular, then mark Sunday and say that Phil Mickelson just fashioned the first genuine sporting wonder of post-pandemic America.

And there’ll be no argument from those with the pre-existing condition of grudgingly growing older. For Mickelson is now their north star, more than the comb-over or the convertible.

All have to be in a mood to celebrate comebacks and fresh possibilities. And how fitting that it was Phil who gave us license. Just 24 days from his 51st birthday he became the oldest man ever to win one of golf’s majors, taking the PGA Championship by storm and by two strokes.

In him we see how far we’ve come.

He was there at the worst of the virus — a year ago Monday playing a for-charity exhibition with Tiger Woods and a couple quarterbacks that passed for entertainment in the vacuum of quarantine.

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