Mounting evidence indicates that coffee can help reduce dementia risk in women

Champagne isn't the only drink that could help prevent dementia. According to a new study published in The Journals of Gerontology, coffee could also help reduce the odds of developing dementia, proving that indulging in some of life's greatest pleasures can actually be good for your health.


In a 10-year study of 6,467 women aged 65 and older, researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee found that those who drank more than 261 milligrams of caffeine (about one tall cup of Starbucks coffee) every day experienced a 36 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with "probable dementia" than those who drank less than 64 milligrams of caffeine (about one ounce of espresso) every day.

Their research was adjusted for risk factors including age, race, BMI, smoking, alcohol consumption, among several other factors.



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