AP poll shows that many Americans are misinformed about long term care

Myths persist about how people will get long-term care and pay for it as they get older, according to a new poll.

Specifically, an annual poll completed this spring by the Associated Press (AP) and the independent NORC research center shows that many of us need help connecting the dots when it comes to long-term care.

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Don't fall victim to these myths when planning for retirement

Many Americans are on track to fall short of meeting conservative retirement savings targets. In fact, 45 percent of working-age households do not have money saved in retirement accounts, according to a report by the National Institute on Retirement Security.

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Florida man creates online group to help dementia patients assist each other

For 10 years, Gary LeBlanc of Spring Hill, Florida, was the caregiver for his father, who had Alzheimer's disease before passing away in 2009. The next year, his mother began experiencing vascular dementia, the second most common cause of dementia after Alzheimer's disease in people over 65.

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The President calls for expanding Social Security

Social Security advocates long have had doubts about President Obama’s support for the program (as we reported as recently as last month). But that ended Wednesday, when in a speech in Elkhart, Ind., he suddenly called for expanding the program.

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Government advisory group calls on Medicare to make hearing aids more affordable

WASHINGTON — Treating hearing loss shouldn’t be such a pricey hassle. That’s the message from a prestigious government advisory group that’s calling on Medicare and other agencies to find ways to make better hearing more affordable and accessible for millions of older Americans.

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Louisiana proposal will not fix healthcare for seniors

As reported in a recent Advocate article, the Louisiana Nursing Home Association opposes House Bill 790. The Advocate depicted that this bill would provide greater access to home and community-based care services (HCBS). This is a misconception. The implementation of a managed-care program in Louisiana would have no effect on changing the utilization of long-term care services. An AARP report shows that Louisiana is an evenly-balanced state for elderly services under the Medicaid program, and DHH officials have acknowledged this on numerous occasions.

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Seniors may not receive a Social Security cost of living adjustment again next year

One little-known but extremely valuable aspect of Social Security is that the benefits that it pays out are adjusted for inflation. That means that throughout the course of your retirement years, you can anticipate that your monthly Social Security check will rise gradually in order to keep up with the rising cost of living and help you sustain the purchasing power of your benefits.

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Travel tips for booking a summer vacation on a budget

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of the holiday season. But while you’re planning your next summer barbeque, you may be imagining a quick — or not so quick — trip out of town.

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Cuts to Medicare's drug program will prevent many RA patients from getting treatments they need

More than 1.5 million Americans are living with rheumatoid arthritis.

A diagnosis is life altering, as RA causes chronic swelling and pain and increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and depression. After learning they have the disease, many patients head to their local Infusion Center for treatment, as many of the best medicines for RA are delivered intravenously.

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10 Reasons Not to Retire Before 66

Many, if not most, of us dream of retiring early. It does have obvious benefits, such as gobs of leisure time to finally do all the fun things we haven't been getting around to. But there are also plenty of valid reasons to not retire too early. Here, for example, are 10 reasons not to retire before 66 -- the age at which many people are expected to retire, per the Social Security Administration (SSA).

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