Life will be very different in retirement, here are some facts every retiree should know

Close to four million Americans retire each year, and while they may have prepared by saving and investing money in IRAs, 401(k)s, and other accounts, they're likely unprepared in other ways.

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Whether you should take Social Security or IRA withdrawals first depends on your situation

It is a retirement dilemma.

When planning for retirement cash flow, should a client start Social Security as early as age 62, letting individual retirement account money continue to grow, tax-deferred? Or should that client tap the IRA and wait for a larger Social Security benefit?

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25 encore careers you can begin in retirement

Retirement doesn't have to include endless games of shuffleboard and bridge. In fact, for many of today's retirees, this couldn't be further from the truth.

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Changes to Medicare and Medicaid payment formulas can have massive implications on nursing homes

Mark Parkinson says he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in five years. Parkinson is the CEO of the trade group for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, which means the possibility of funding cuts always looms in the back of his mind.

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Men sometimes have to learn new skills as caregivers

All young couples inevitably experience a rough patch or two in their relationships, but for high school sweethearts Lucas D’Onofrio and Tamara Bruzzo, that obstacle was more of a minefield. When Bruzzo began experiencing chest pain just before Valentine’s Day, she went to a local emergency room for an X-ray and CT scan. D’Onofrio had bought tickets for a romantic dinner and a movie, but when the tests showed a suspicious mass, the couple spent the holiday in the hospital, instead.

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Research suggests that regular exercise to can reduce risk of developing Alzheimer's

Regular exercise at any age may afford some measure of protection from Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, a new study suggests.

A group of University of Kentucky researchers have demonstrated a positive correlation between fitness and blood flow to areas of the brain where plaques and tangles, the first hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease pathology are usually first detected.

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Retiring baby boomers face a bumpy road to retirement

No one ever said the road to retirement is an easy path traveled, but it's looking to be a particularly bumpy and pothole-filled road for baby boomers.

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Louisiana budget cuts will eliminate some Medicaid programs for the elderly and disabled

BATON ROUGE — While the House steered more dollars to Louisiana's safety net hospitals, health care services remain short of the financing needed in next year's budget to keep from shuttering services and threatening medical training, state senators were told Sunday.

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Study indicates that treating high blood pressure in older adults can cut the risk of heart disease

(HealthDay News) -- People who get their high blood pressure down to normal levels may substantially cut their risk of heart disease -- even if they're elderly or have already had heart problems, new research suggests.

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Louisiana HB 790 to shift nursing home funding to at-home care stalls in House

A bill intended to shift state-funded health care for the elderly from nursing homes to at-home care stalled in a Louisiana House committee on Tuesday after facing staunch opposition from nursing home representatives and skepticism from lawmakers.

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