How Much Of Your Social Security Benefit Is Taxable?

Short answer: You’re getting robbed, and the system is bankrupt.

None, some or most of the payout you get from Social Security will show up on line 20b of your federal tax return and get taxed.

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9 Perks of Getting Older

There's an upside to aging, from getting tax breaks to discounts at your favorite stores.

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Raising retirement age could hurt the poor, less educated, study finds

Raising the retirement age is a common recommendation to end the financial woes facing Social Security. The idea is simple: Because people are living longer and healthier lives, they can afford to work well past 66 and retire later in life.

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Why Florida Is Losing Its Grip on Retirees

A new ranking of best states to retire puts Virginia first, while traditional havens score poorly.

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New Medicare model may improve care, cost for knee, hip surgeries

BALTIMORE, April 1 (UPI) -- A new model of Medicare reimbursement for hip and knee replacements surgeries goes into effect today, with the goal of improving care while lowering cost.

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How To Maximize Your Social Security

Are you counting on a handsome monthly check from Social Security to help fund a financially comfortable, worry-free retirement for you – for life?

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Senate passes bill to better protect senior citizens from abuse

Senator Patrick Gallivan announces the Senate has passed a bill to make it easier for victims of elder abuse to provide testimony in criminal proceedings against their abuser.  

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Physician group: Let Medicare negotiate drug prices

ACP calls for several federal regulations

The American College of Physicians (ACP) on Tuesday published a position paper urging the federal government to rein in rising prescription drug prices, Alison Kodjak reports for NPR's "Shots."

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NRA: More senior citizens packing heat, going through firearm training courses

The National Rifle Association says more senior citizens are taking firearm training courses than before. 

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The 66/70 Social Security Strategy For Married Couples

Should you always wait until 70 to claim your benefit? No.

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