Study finds that elderly women are 23% more likely than men to be overprescribed drugs

Women over age 65 have a higher chance of being overprescribed medication than elderly men, according to a new study published Thursday.

The study, conducted by the University of British Columbia, found close to one in three elderly women to be prescribed “potentially inappropriate” drugs, lead researcher Steve Morgan, Ph.D., told CBC News. One in four elderly men received problematic prescriptions.

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Did you know your skin is your largest organ? Here are tips to take great care of your skin.

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? It protects you from the elements and keeps infection out - but time takes its toll. Most skin problems aren't life-threatening, but it's important to know when to get checked out.

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How to get a great deal on a summer vacation

With warmer weather creeping northward across the U.S., travelers are awakening from their winter slumber to start nailing down a trip or two this summer, to get away from the office or household, and share some new experiences with family and friends.

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Thinking about moving to an assisted living facility? It's important to know what to look for.

There’s a lot of talk in town lately about assisted living. Progress on the Residence at Vinnin Square—an 84-apartment facility slated to open next spring and located behind Marshall’s—is moving quickly, and another large assisted living—The Mariner—is being hotly debated in Marblehead. If The Mariner is approved, the number of assisted-living facilities in Swampscott and Marblehead will triple (The Bertram House on Humphrey St. is currently the town’s lone assisted-living community).

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After public outcry, the President says he is willing to work with lawmakers on changes to Medicare

The Obama administration is willing to work to address congressional concerns with a proposal aimed at fighting high drug prices, a top health official said Wednesday.

The administration’s proposal to change how Medicare pays for certain drugs has drawn objections from both sides of the aisle. Republicans want it to be completely scrapped, while Democrats have expressed serious reservations and called for changes.

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Supplemental "Medigap" insurance can help manage costs that Medicare doesn't cover

If you’re about to turn 65, you may be shopping soon for a health plan that covers the costs that traditional Medicare doesn’t.

As welcome as Medicare’s health care coverage is, it does have its gaps. The traditional fee-for-service program generally pays 80 percent of the medical bills. Which means the remaining 20 percent becomes the responsibility of beneficiaries.

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Reps Take A Stand Against Medicare Proposal They Say Would ‘Severely Harm’ Access

A bipartisan group of lawmakers pushed back against the Obama administration’s proposed rule requiring Medicare and Medicaid providers to try an alternative drug payment model, saying it would hinder care for seniors with ailments including cancer and neurological disorders.

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10 Best Places to Retire in Florida On Social Security

Deciding whether to move or not when you hit the age of retirement is difficult, but there are many advantages to doing so, especially in these 10 best places to retire in Florida on social security.

After a lifetime of working hard for every penny you made, knowing that you’ll have to live off of social security may be a hard pill to swallow. Alas, it’s what you’ll have to do in the end, although it won’t hopefully be just social security income alone.

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Men and women tend to look at retirement planning differently

Men and women are still different. We didn’t really need to read 1992’s “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” to know that.

But what’s discussed more these days are how those differences (and many other issues) may be even more pronounced in how we prepare for retirement.

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15 Jaw-Dropping Stats About Medicare

Medicare is one of the most important issues facing senior citizens, both present and future. Not only is Medicare spending growing rapidly, but the revenue coming into the program also isn't expected to be enough to keep Medicare solvent for too much longer.

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