4 Presidential Candidates Who Want to Raise Social Security Benefits

For years, policymakers targeted Social Security as needing to have its benefits reduced. Only recently have politicians stood up and said that Social Security needed to be expanded, and although Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others not running for the White House have largely led the charge, several Presidential candidates have come out in favor of giving more Social Security benefits to Americans. 

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3 Things Every American Needs to Know About Medicare

The Medicare program turned 50 in 2015 and currently provides healthcare benefits for more than 50 million Americans.And while Medicare is how millions of retirees pay for healthcare, it's a complicated system with multiple parts, and it doesn't pay for everything. 

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Why You Need Friends in Retirement

An old Carole King song captures the emotional value of having a friend. New research from the Stanford Center on Longevity confirms it, saying that social engagement promotes physical and mental health, while social isolation costs people both personal and medical problems. According to the study, "socially isolated individuals face health risks comparable to those of smokers."

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