Elder abuse legislation headed to the Tennessee governor for his signature

Legislation meant to protect Tennessee’s senior citizens is now headed to the governor for his signature.


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Is it better to buy or rent in retirement?

Nationwide, it usually makes more financial sense to buy a home than rent. But it's a little more complicated for those in their golden years.

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Assisted Living Now Topping $5,000 A Month In Some Places

Costs for rent and care at senior living communities across the country are going up, with southern and western states seeing the biggest percentage increases, a national housing referral service said Wednesday.

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3 Ways to Be Smarter About Drawing Retirement Income From Your Nest Egg

Most people overestimate how much they can withdraw each year.

A new survey from New York Life shows that retirees and pre-retirees are more savvy about spending down their savings than they were a decade ago, with more than twice as many today saying that annual withdrawals should be held to less than 5% of one’s nest egg to avoid prematurely depleting it...

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Travel Safety Tips For Seniors

As a senior, retirement living opens so many doors to joyful experiences you didn't have the chance to take full advantage of as a working adult.

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Robert Bentley signs bill to help protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation into law

Gov. Robert Bentley has signed a bill to help protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation into law Monday.

Drafted by the Alabama Securities Commission (ASC), SB 220, entitled Protection of Vulnerable Adults from Financial Exploitation Act, will provide an important added layer of legal protection for Alabama adults who may be susceptible to financial abuse and exploitation.

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Louisiana leads the nation in Medicare overbilling

BATON ROUGE -- Louisiana posted the highest rate of Medicare being overbilled for services in the nation in 2015, with providers charging an estimated $1.25 billion more than they should have, according to a federal report.

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Should Medicare Add A Long-Term Care Benefit?

Public opinion surveys show that most Americans incorrectly think Medicare pays for long-term supports and services (LTSS). It does not.

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Preventing Falls Among Older Adults

We all want to protect our older family members and help them stay safe, secure, and independent. Knowing how to reduce the risk of falling, a leading cause of injury, is a step toward this goal.

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How Much Of Your Social Security Benefit Is Taxable?

Short answer: You’re getting robbed, and the system is bankrupt.

None, some or most of the payout you get from Social Security will show up on line 20b of your federal tax return and get taxed.

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