Social Security Finally Explains Its New Claiming Rules

You may need to move fast, unless you're grandfathered into the old system.

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Tax Tips for Retirees

We've just wrapped up Tax Relief Week 2016 on We offered investors tips for making the most of tax-sheltered accounts, optimizing taxable holdings, finding tax-efficient investments, and crafting tax-wise portfolios.

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7 Surprising Things About Medicare

Medicare, designed to offer health insurance for those 65 or older, is clearly a big part of many Americans' lives -- but there are still lots of things about it that plenty of people don't know. See how much of this article surprises you.

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Are senior citizens really lonely? Maybe not, study says.

Despite the stereotype that being old means being lonely, a new national study by finds the opposite is true for many senior citizens today.

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Take Note: Social Security and Medicare Benefits Changing in 2016

Claiming Social Security Twice is Eliminated

Prior to 2016, some married individuals who were 62 or older had claimed Social Security retirement benefits twice.

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Frequently asked questions about Medicare coverage

Many seniors are enrolled in Medicare, the federal government’s health insurance program.

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Fewer Than Half of Americans Are Saving Well for Retirement

But the news isn't all bad.

If you don’t think you’re saving enough for retirement, you’re not alone, according to an annual survey of Americans’ saving habits.

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Medicare Weighing Changes to Doctor Drug Payments, Memo Shows

The U.S. is mulling changes to how the Medicare program pays physicians for administering expensive cancer drugs and other medications given in doctors’ offices, according to a memo from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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Senators try for bipartisanship on Medicare reforms

The Senate Finance Committee is trying to do something a bit rare in an election year: legislate in a bipartisan way on a wonky but important issue. 

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4 Presidential Candidates Who Want to Raise Social Security Benefits

For years, policymakers targeted Social Security as needing to have its benefits reduced. Only recently have politicians stood up and said that Social Security needed to be expanded, and although Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others not running for the White House have largely led the charge, several Presidential candidates have come out in favor of giving more Social Security benefits to Americans. 

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