Nurses Have a Knack for Going the Extra Mile for Older Americans

As Nurses Week 2022 comes to a close, it's the perfect time to say thank you for their dedication making life a little better for all of us.

We are grateful for the sacrifices that nurses make in caring for older Americans.  Nurses seem to have a knack for going the extra mile to lift the spirits of the elder population and that is something we think is truly magical.   For more than two decades, Gallup has chosen nursing as the most trusted profession. If anyone is keeping score, Gallup selected nurses number 1 for honesty and ethics for 20 years in a row.  That speaks volumes, but we all know that they deserve to be at the top. Nurses have earned glowing recognition.

These 7 simple reasons are why nurses give us great joy: 

Passion- Nurses have tough schedules. Some have to work through the night and others have to leave home before the sun comes up.  Regardless, their mission is clear, putting others first.  Despite taking care of their own families and caring for others, nurses seem to have the God-given attitude of caring for their patients.

Multitasking- In addition to providing exceptional patient care, nurses have countless responsibilities from managing schedules, charting records, working with physicians to interacting with insurance providers. The duties are endless and nurses are often managing two and three things at one time.

Love- Nurses have a genuine heart for caring.  A nurse has to be a great listener.  They have to listen to the patient and analyze their mental, physical or emotional needs.  In addition to having a talented skill set, the relationships that nurses build with their patients coupled with their passion for serving as a caregiver provides great joy that rubs off on the patient. 

Compassionate care- Even when nobody is looking, nurses take time to comfort those who are hurting and in pain.  Being a nurse requires communicating effectively with patients.  Sometimes there are times when the nurse has to offer basic family counseling and other times, the situation may require health care education by sharing medication tips and treatment plans.

Smile- A smile is such an integral part of the healing process. A research report published in the National Institute of Health said, "A genuine smile given by a nurse can do wonders as it conveys acceptance, creates trust, and builds interpersonal relationships.  The smile of a nurse when dealing with a patient can make a difference in overall treatment and recovery as it minimizes suffering and enhances comfort."  For those entering a doctor's office or a hospital for the first time, seeing a nurse with a warm smile can put the anxious patient's mind at ease. 

Talent- Skilled and trained nurses are a valuable asset.  Nurse training and education come in various stages, but a Registered Nurse  (RN) takes 2-4 years to earn a bachelor of science degree in nursing.  A typical work week is grueling and the daily shifts may run eight, 10, or 12 hours long.  The art of communication, critical thinking and attention to detail are the skills utilized throughout the workday.

Heroes- Throughout the pandemic, as people were dying, nurses remained on the frontline providing extraordinary care.  If not in a patient's room during a surgery or a medical discussion, they are on the sideline serving as a cheerleader for a patient. These exceptional men and women are lifesavers and deserve to be recognized all year long. 


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