Proposed Chattanooga budget for 2018 includes a property tax freeze for senior citizens

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and City Councilwoman Carol Berz spoke in front of a crowd of about 50 senior citizens Tuesday about a proposed property tax freeze.

“Particularly at this moment, our economy is improving, and that’s raising costs as well,” Berke said. “I’m hearing from senior citizens on a fixed income that when those costs go up but your income stays the same, it puts a pinch on each and every one of you.”

The proposed budget for 2018 that will be presented to the Chattanooga City Council Tuesday night includes the property tax freeze for senior citizens. Voting to approve the budget will not occur until early September.

Homeowners who qualify for the program will have the property taxes on their principal residence frozen at a base tax amount, which is the amount of taxes owed in the year they first qualify for the program, according to the Tennessee Treasury.



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