Report from the Congressional Budget Office confirms healthcare bill will hurt millions of seniors

The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirms that millions of seniors will be hurt by the so-called Senate GOP health care bill. The numbers don’t lie. The Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act is not a healthcare bill at all.

It is a tax windfall for the rich and pharmaceutical companies — paid for by gutting the Medicaid program, which covers more than 60 percent of long-term care costs for our nation’s seniors. According to the CBO, the Senate bill would slash Medicaid funding by $772 billion over the next decade.

These cuts will have painful consequences for seniors. The CBO says that 15 million Medicaid beneficiaries will lose coverage within 10 years. That includes nearly one million low income seniors who rely on Medicaid for long term care and for help paying Medicare costs, according to a new analysis by the Center for American Progress.



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