Seniors scramble to buy National Park Pass before the price increases Aug. 28

One of the best deals I know about is the $10 "America the Beautiful" pass that seniors 62 and older can buy that will get them in any and all national parks for as long as they live.

Well, if you want one, you better get a move on because the pass price is going up to $80 on Aug. 28.

And with the looming price increase, which is the first one since 1994, park offices (and other places that sell the passes) are facing big-time backups on orders. And some of the locations have already run out.

"There is definitely a high demand," said National Park Service spokeswoman Kathy Kupper, who said that typically about 100 online senior pass orders come in a day, compared to 11,000 requests per day in recent weeks, as seniors scramble to get the passes at the $10 price.



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