Starting the conversation about assisted living early can make the transition easier

When considering moving a parent into an assisted living community, many family members find themselves struggling with the decision. You are not alone during this journey.

I will share my father’s story with you because you may find yourself needing to have a conversation with your loved one about their future care needs.

One of the major challenges your loved one may struggle with is the idea that their independence is being taken away and they may express that you are interfering with their lives. So, what is the best approach?

Start the conversation early so that the choice can be their own. My father loved living on his own, but his nearest neighbor lived more than a mile away. Getting emergency medical treatment required GPS coordinates. Along with his failing health, it became very difficult for him to care for himself and be safe. When I would approach my father about moving into town, he would protest. As his daughter, I disagreed, but I also understood what “quality of life” meant to him and how it differed from what I envisioned.



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