Study shows daily multivitamin may improve memory and slow cognitive decline in older adults.

Older adults experiencing cognitive decline are at risk for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other forms of dementia.

Experts are still working to understand what factors influence cognitive function and what measures people can take to help prevent cognitive decline.

A​ study published in Alzheimer’s & DementiaTrusted Source examined whether or not taking a daily multivitamin or cocoa extract affected cognitive function in older adults.

While authors didn’t see improvements related to taking cocoa, they did find that taking a daily multivitamin-mineral supplement was associated with improved memory and executive function.

Many people experience some level of age-related cognitive declineTrusted Source as they get older. For example, occasionally forgetting details or misplacing something can happen more with age.

But severe cognitive decline may lead to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which involves significant changes in a person’s ability to remember or make judgments and impacts their everyday life.

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