Taking steps to protect your health now can save you money on healthcare expenses later

You might not think that flossing has much to do with your 401(k).

But stay with that thought for a minute.

Your everyday behaviors - from flossing to doing pushups to taking supplements - have a very big effect on whether Future You will be healthy and vibrant, or sickly and bedridden.

That, in turn, will impact whether you will be obligated to spend the bulk of your retirement savings on surgeries and co-pays and prescriptions.

In other words, health and wealth are inextricably linked, according to Jean Chatzky, financial expert for NBC's Today Show, who has just released the book "AgeProof," co-written with Cleveland Clinic's chief wellness officer, Dr. Michael Roizen.

"If your health isn't working for you, you are not going to be financially sound," Chatzky says. "And if you are not financially secure, your health is going to suffer."



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