Tennessee District Attorney General‘s are on a mission to protect seniors from elder abuse

Tennessee’s district attorneys general are on a mission to protect seniors from elder abuse. We are improving laws, increasing public awareness and, with the help of community partners, using criminal investigations and courtroom prosecutions to protect our seniors from elder abuse. However, to win this battle, we need the help of informed citizens.

Elder abuse can take several forms, including financial exploitation, neglect, physical abuse and even sexual abuse.  

Heartbreaking stories

One elderly and disabled victim in Tennessee was left to live alone, without the ability to care for herself. She was occasionally fed by a family member who would pass food through a window. Her frail body was found on a heap of debris beneath the window, the place of her only human interaction or support.  

Last year, a longtime caregiver for an elderly neighbor admitted beating, kicking and even using a bullwhip on a 71-year-old man. The victim’s home was in deplorable condition and the victim, who suffered numerous broken bones and bruises, died shortly after being hospitalized. The caregiver pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, aggravated assault and vulnerable-adult neglect, abuse and exploitation.

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