Tennessee is working to combat a major caregiver shortage for local seniors

Tennessee officials tell WATE-TV in Knoxville that they are aware of the growing problem of a shortage of caregivers across the state, and trying to address it.

WATE reports that the shortage is affecting "hundreds if not thousands of people."

Reporter Don Dare caught up with one family who is facing some tough times managing.

Dare reports the state's Choices program offers services to adults 21 and older with a physical disability, and seniors 65 and older. Choices was set up to help a person live in their own home instead of going to a more expensive nursing home. The caregivers are hired by managed care organizations, or MCOs, but there is a shortage of qualified caregivers.

Find out what happened when Dare and WATE confronted the state about this Knoxville family's issues, here.



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