Thanksgiving: A Time to Say Thank You to Those Caring for Our Older Americans

Every year at Thanksgiving, I often think about special things in my life that I am grateful for.  Sometimes it may be something very small like a warm cup of coffee.  This year though, it is something very large and it warms my heart everyday when I see the work in motion.  It is those who make life so much easier for our senior citizens. 


Thanksgiving 2018, I am thankful for:

  • Skilled Nursing Centers - It is amazing to see the inter workings of nursing homes as they strive to provide quality care 24/7 for our vulnerable seniors. From balloon launches to sock hops to birthday celebrations, most of our nursing homes go the extra mile to keep their residents engaged and entertained.   Some of the nursing home residents are in for a short stay while others much longer, but the superb effort is given throughout the day to ensure residents are happy and receive quality care.

  • Assisted Living Communities -Most of the assisted living residents are independent, but may need help with personal care and health care. The communities go the distance during the 24 hour day to ensure their residents have well balanced meals and receive the proper medical care needed.  To keep residents sharp, plenty of engaging recreational and spiritual activities are offered. 

  • Independent Living Communities - These communities are ideal for older adults who can still live independently, but may need assistance on occasion. Typically housekeeping, meals, laundry and transportation services are offered. Without the help of these services, many of the senior residents may not be able to make it through their day.

  • Adult Daycare - These centers are non residential and operate during normal business hours. They are designed to provide short term care to support health, nutritional and social needs for older adults, those living with dementia and the disabled. Most of the adult daycare centers offer therapeutic and health services at some point during the day. Typically, they will have a nurse on site to check vital signs if necessary.  Social activities are offered to help keep the older adult engaged and to stimulate their brain. 

  • Memory Care - The latest figures show there are about 5.4 million Americans living with Alzheimer's that require special treatment. Memory care is a form of long term care designed to assist those with Alzheimer's and dementia. Most facilities are assisted by staff with special training. The memory care communities offer a wide range of services and they can be delivered in an assisted living community or an independent memory care community.

Of course, none of the communities, facilities and centers listed above could function without the extraordinary staff that it takes to operate them.  The healthcare providers, physicians, nurses, caregivers, dietitians, bookkeepers, activity director's and maintenance personnel are called upon often to stay overtime to care for our senior citizens. 

This Thanksgiving, if you have the opportunity, please tell those who are responsible for caring for our senior citizens how much you appreciate them and their work.  It may just be the timely message that helps them continue going that extra mile for our older Americans.


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