These tips will help you control prescription drug costs

While baffling pricing on medications from insulin to asthma inhalers can make it tough to get a grip on costs, these five tips from the experts at Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs can help you regain some control of what you pay.

A recent Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs survey found that despite the clear toll of rising drug prices, only 6 percent of people found out about the cost of their new medication during a doctor’s visit. Big mistake.

Speaking up when the prescription is being written gives you the opportunity to let your doctor know that, in addition to safety and effectiveness, costs matter to you.

Discuss switching to generics, which can cost as much as 90 percent less than brand names, or ask about a cheaper “therapeutic substitution," which is a different drug that works just as well. Ask about even cutting out drugs you no longer need, and about non-drug options to help your condition, too, such as cognitive behavioral therapyphysical therapy, exercise, or improving your diet.



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