These tips can help boomers & seniors save on health care expenses

The older you get, the more likely you are to run up high healthcare expenses. Retirees would be wise to budget a substantial amount for medical costs; indeed, the average retiree spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on healthcare during the course of his retirement. Here are four ways to put yourself on track to be able to pay such a sum if and when the time comes.

Choose the right Medicare plan

The year you turn 65, you'll need to make some important decisions regarding Medicare. Whether you choose original Medicare plus a Medigap plan, or you go with a Medicare Advantage plan, consider choosing one of the more comprehensive (albeit expensive) plans. This can keep your budgeting simpler because insurance premiums are much easier to predict and plan for than the healthcare expenses themselves. Look for a plan that has a deductible you can easily afford in any given year, a reasonable out-of-pocket limit, and (if applicable) a network you're happy with.



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