Veterans Day is About Celebrating America's Heroes Young and Old

As a young man growing up, I was proud of the USA and enjoyed celebrating our nation's veterans every year.  The parades and festivities taking place to show our support for those who served in the United States Armed Forces helped me appreciate our hero's even that much more.  What I never realized was our veterans weren't just made up of older American's, but those in the 20's, 30's and 40's who put their lives on the line to protect the good ole USA too. 


If your community doesn't have any Veterans Day celebrations planned, there a several ways you can show your appreciation according to

  • Visit a VA hospital - Contact your nearest VA hospital and ask them about visitation and volunteering to help with the patients. Many of the VA facilities have Veterans Day events that you can attend or a special lunch you can help prepare. Regardless, if you get to interact with patients, it is a great way to give back by volunteering to work.

  • Fly a flag - This is something everyone can do, but make sure you are observing the rules for proper display. Veteran's Day is the perfect day to fly our flag to honor our members past and present of the United States Armed Forces.  It shows our veterans that you are proud of the country they protected.
  • Write a note to a veteran - This takes 10 minutes of your time and costs no more than the price of a 50 cent stamp. If you have their email address, it might be easier to send them a message. Showing you care will make a tremendous impact on a veterans life. 
  • Asking about their service - By simply taking time to ask about their service will go a long way showing your appreciation. If you are unsure what to say, just asking a simple question: What did you do in the military or what did you enjoy most about serving are great ice breakers. You will be amazed at how much they will appreciate you just taking time to listen to them. 
  • Visit a National Park with a Veteran - Invite a veteran and their family to explore a National Park with you. The admission is free for all visitors on Veterans Day. By being outdoors, it improves wellness and is really good for mental and physical health.  It truly is a great way to spend time with a veteran.

This Veterans Day, we encourage you to take time and show your appreciation for our Veterans, young and old.  We would like for you to go the extra mile and tell those who've served how grateful you are for their service every time you see them.  It was difficult for our men and women who served to risk their lives on many occasions.  The least we can do is give them a smile, a pat on the back and say thank you.


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