Volunteering, learning new skills & hobbies & travel are all keys to happy, healthy aging

Some people are under the assumption that when you age, it’s time to slow down. However, medical science begs to differ. In fact, research shows that staying active can help you stay healthier and be happier into your golden years.

If you’re no longer bogged down with the work projects that ate up most of your time, then it’s perfect chance to start being more social and do the things you really love to do. Here are seven ways to ensure you age with grace and a smile on your face…

1. Volunteer for a Worthy Cause

Now that you have some time on your hands, and are no longer responsible for bringing up children (unless they’re conveniently showing up at dinner time each evening), you can choose a cause you’re passionate about and really make a difference.

Whether it’s assisting the homeless, organizing supplies at a food bank, or driving patients to their next appointments, there are countless volunteer opportunities available. See if there’s a volunteer hub in your community that can match you with the best task.

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