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The AmSA is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that advocates on behalf of America's greatest generation. The Alliance strives to be a trusted source of unbiased information for seniors and policymakers.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, AmSA has supporters, partners, and advocates across the Southeast and beyond who are dedicated to being a voice for seniors.

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    Older Driver Safety Week

    Back in 2009, the American Occupational Association rolled out an initiative called Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in an effort to promote safe driving for our elderly population. This week, the AOTA is working hard to promote safe driving for our seniors through a week long campaign.  
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    American Senior Alliance's Executive Director, Conwell Hooper issued this statement regarding an ethics complaint filed against Constitution Revision Commissioner, Brecht Heuchan

    "There is legitimate room for discussion about what belongs in the Constitution and what doesn’t, and which regulations are right for nursing homes and which aren’t. But there is no place in the constitutional review process for special interest proposals designed to boost the bottom line of one law firm. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Brecht Heuchan, an appointed member of the Constitution Revision Commission, is trying to foist on the people of Florida. It’s a clear conflict of interest, and that is why today I filed a formal ethics complaint against him.
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