Who We Are.

American Senior Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that brings together our nation’s senior citizens to defend their values and to protect the rights and services they’ve earned.Through strong and targeted advocacy, AmSA will help preserve the financial resources of our seniors and keep dollars in their wallet.

AmSA will work on a state and regional level, monitoring legislative and regulatory activities to ensure seniors stay current on actions that may put their future at risk.

We will provide crucial and timely information to seniors, giving them opportunities to partner with friends, volunteers, and advocates to short circuit policies that could jeopardize their best interests.

Our 50-plus population needs a voice that is truly looking out for their best interests, as opposed to organizations that simply want to sell them insurance, cellular phone plans, vacations, or the most popular product of the day.

American Senior Alliance will be that honest and trusted voice!

Working For You.

Senior citizens need an unbiased, trustworthy organization to fight for their cause.

AmSA Executive Director, Conwell Hooper, knows that firsthand from working for over a decade with some of the nation’s largest seniors groups. Hooper recognizes that some of the most well-known seniors' organizations exist to sell products for their own bottom line - not advocate on behalf of seniors.

AmSA’s plan is simple: create a trusted, unbiased information source for senior citizens that puts their interest first.

Whether the issue is long term care, financial security, Medicare, Social Security, or prescription drugs, seniors will always be able to count on AmSA being on their side.


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