Commissioners Are Right to Ensure Solar Power Users Don't Shift Costs to Alabama Seniors

ATLANTANov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday, November 21, 2019, regulators at the Alabama Public Service Commission held a hearing to evaluate complaints about a standby charge for customers who have installed solar power at their homes. The following is a statement from American Senior Alliance.

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How to End Surprise Billing Without Threatening Access to Care for Seniors, Rural Patients

For seniors and others living on fixed incomes, keeping up with the rising costs of health care

and prescription drugs is a difficult task.  What is making life even tougher for them is receiving an unexpected astronomically high bill weeks after undergoing medical treatment. It could be from a routine surgery or an emergency room visit at an in-network hospital, and later unknowingly receiving treatment by an out-of-network physician that is not covered by insurance.  

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Drug importation forces choice between price, safety

A little over a year ago, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar joined the ranks of every other HHS Secretary in modern history opposing the idea of drug importation and referred to it as “a gimmick.” Unfortunately, we are now faced with a political gimmick after Secretary Azar announced an importation action plan that unfortunately will not lower out of pocket costs, and instead create great safety concerns for American patients.

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Louisiana must permit ride sharing across state, for seniors

We would like to commend the Louisiana Legislature for staying focused on our financial challenges and approving a plan in the most recent special legislative session. Even though it took several attempts, our public officials didn't give up, but pressed onward toward doing what was right for Louisiana. We were thrilled with that progress.

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Mississippi's adult day care crisis

I must admit, I was stunned to read the dreadful article in the Daily Journal recently about the 564 Adult Day Care facility violations across the Magnolia state.

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Overselling solar sends wrong message to Florida's senior citizens

read the recent opinion piece by Lynn Jurich about her solar “guarantee” of a brighter future for the Sunshine State and could only cringe for those senior citizens who may hurry out to purchase a solar system. I am all for a healthy, cleaner and safe environment, but when we see the word “guarantee,” as used in the headline, attached to products and services, it can cause us great concern.

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Let's do our part for Alzheimer’s and brain awareness

Every year during the month of June, the United States has the opportunity to bring awareness to Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month. Alzheimer's is a degenerative brain disease and the most common type of dementia. According to the Alzheimer's Association, 5 million Americans suffer from this horrible disease and with our population aging by the day, we have a difficult road ahead of us.  Just in the state of Mississippi, Alzheimer's affects 53,000 residents and with 936,000 citizens over the age of 50, these numbers will grow.

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Social Security: A crisis ready to bubble over

It appears that age 62 is the most popular age to receive Social Security, according to a June 19 News Sentinel article, but what what happens if our Social Security trust fund runs dry one day? With the recent news from the trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust fund, let's just hope we have the luxury to choose in the future. The trustees have often said Social Security will be depleted by 2034 if we don't make changes, but for the first time in 36 years, costs will exceed income, forcing the program to dip into our reserves to cover benefits. This news is frightening for our seniors and future generations. 

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Protect seniors from financial fraud

Every year the crimes against our elderly population appear to be getting worse and worse. The dreadful numbers have been all across the board, but a 2015 study by Truelink Financial reported that our older American’s lose $36 billion annually from elder financial abuse with no relief in sight.

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Nursing home legislation would put seniors' privacy, safety at risk | Opinion

Conwell Hooper, Executive Director of American Senior Alliance, wrote the following opinion piece for the Sun Sentinel

Recent legislation filed by Florida Sen. Gary Farmer (SB 896) and Rep. Katie Edwards (HB 655) not only ignores nursing home residents’ rights to privacy, but also poses a safety risk for these seniors, as well as the staff who care for them.


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