Additional Power Generation a Win for Alabama Seniors

The Alabama Public Service Commission today will hear arguments from Alabama Power Company for a certificate of convenience and necessity to add new power generation to serve customers. This new power generation will help ensure the reliability of the state’s power supply, especially during winter weather conditions.
“It is critical that power supplies are there when Alabama seniors need it,” explains American Senior Alliance Director Conwell Hooper. “By approving this new power generation, state regulators can strengthen the grid and strike a win for seniors and all customers.”
If approved, Alabama Power Company’s power portfolio would include new natural gas powered generation in Mobile, existing gas-powered generation in Autauga County and in Mobile, and new solar generation in Calhoun, Chambers, Dallas, Houston, and Talladega Counties 
“We believe strongly that this move will strengthen the power grid,” Hooper adds. “We encourage the Alabama Public Service to take this necessary step for our state’s future on behalf of seniors and others.”


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