Concerns Regarding the "Lowering Drug Costs for American Families Act"

The American Senior Alliance is deeply concerned about the potential implications of the recently introduced "Lowering Drug Costs for American Families Act."

While the intention behind this federal policy proposal might seem noble, there are significant worries that it could exacerbate the challenges already faced by seniors dealing with rare diseases, cancers, and chronic ailments. The Inflation Reduction Act has already cast a shadow over drug advancement for these conditions, and the new proposal threatens to further amplify these concerns.

Seniors across the nation grappling with various illnesses rely on consistent access to vital prescription medications that could potentially save their lives. The American Senior Alliance recognizes the importance of finding ways to alleviate the financial burden on seniors and their families. However, the proposed policy falls short of aligning with our objectives. Our commitment is to advocate for measures that truly reduce seniors' out-of-pocket expenses, rectify a system that currently seems to prioritize intermediaries over patients and streamline the confusing administrative obstacles that hinder seniors from receiving the treatments their doctors prescribe.

The "Lowering Drug Costs for American Families Act" must be critically examined to ensure it doesn't hinder the progress of drug advancement, particularly for life-threatening conditions. It is essential that any policy changes strike a balance between cost reduction and maintaining the availability of cutting-edge treatments.

The American Senior Alliance remains dedicated to fostering a healthcare environment that empowers seniors, guarantees them access to the medications they need, and eases the financial burdens they face. We urge policymakers to consider the broader implications of this proposal and work towards a solution that truly serves the best interests of our seniors and their health.



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